Saturday, January 03, 2009

unhinged morbasity sacred trevail.  Crucified pigeons flying.  Smoky haze like the paintings "Help, Mother is Wounded" at the bottom of a rusty ocean thorn wreath lights magnify and swallow us snatched away at Zeno's paradoxical final moment.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Washington Square Park or something like that, NY

hairy mexico men waiting on doorsteps pidiendo pesos and besos the trash smell coming from all around these iron spears shot in the ground and burrowed into hallowed out and customized dusty mites spider flies gossip swarms smoke streak through cracked streets polished pavement stones. Heat and people, stampedes small quarters - sad people, emotionless musicians in a park, a saxophonist, a bassist, a drummer beating with the intensity of Cassidy tossing his heaving hammer over and over and over - he never misses - almost too ferocious as if he'd murder an interruptor - channeling his mind's frantic energy into his drums trying to bring them to life - beat them to life, like tin hearts and hide heads pulsing breathing teething and they are alive! As long as he beats the air through them drum man lives in a fashion. What thoughts does a drum monster ponder? Faster, louder, faster! Other musicians in the square have stopped playing now, they think to themselves it's because they are tired and the heat is in them, but it is really this drum man monster's playing shrieking. They can't ignore it. Even the people next to it who once thought they would play along rest their steel blown tools at their sides. Eveyone is buzzing to drum man monster with sweat shooting down the sides and sunlight pushing hard rough on everyone tapping their feet swaying their fucking bottoms to the beat if they're less uptight winding up and over midsummer minds humming drumming with tribalness blindly dressed dramas exploding sublime freedoms to float in I fly over molten rows of moaning bones black and choke with the dying symbol's woeful crash ho! the drum monster's last death knell, for Jack is tired and takes a sip of water before packing up the kit.

Friday, October 12, 2007

My head's a bowling ball
falling hard
My head's a numb vegetable shell
shucked and shredded headed
down the boulevard to knock on cobblestones

Flights over our heads
Inummerable in the sky
Signals through our skin
Flies on our heads
Innumberable in my eyes
what did that mean
what was the catch
vague allusions are all the rage
diffraction plate in his skull
screaming sides shouting blindly so close create
dent the walls
dent the hull

get so lazy I need something else
to push my mind's crank around
squirt back the world free fall
skirt back from the cliff hanger
blue freedom

hammer hits nail
nail hits wood
we won't prevail
we won't prevail

hand hits hammer
hammer hits nail

hand hits hammer
mind hits hand

mind hits hand
who hits mind
who hits mind

we won't prevail
who hits nail
we won't prevail

I was walking knocking rocking on my heels in the park's
lake when you punched me in the foot
Sprinkly lady you take me prisoner within your
room at the water's edge. Lady of the lake at the water's edge
Couldn't wouldn't want to be free from that gaze, hot
like a body. Shiny shimmy, we tango in the cold.
You were a banshee queen screaming out the life from young lungs
I stood idly by spying orion in the ceiling tiles
spiralling slowly miles out to sea off the coast of
Bazmount peninsula near Oslo
We had our lives to say it outright

Own up to your face. Accept your age with proper grace
Own up to your beliefs. Cacophony. Blasphemy

Gazelle eats lion. Grass eats Gazelle. Popsicles of hell. Red lines
prismed listen to their whispering sonic
humming in your hands. Look up, look out! Look out!
We live in dangerous times. Hide your eyes.
Hide your eyes.

my keyboard's missing its 'X' and 'C'
smiles up at me so toothlessly

Saturday, September 22, 2007


in my dreams it seems I leave my needs so eeeasily
an upstream breeze brings love and leads me to the sea.
the fish are fine,
their shapes divine
and their one true ruler
is me
Poseidon with his mighty trident
rides the tides with me beside him
guiding ships and striking blows
Great sea god now hear him crow!

Eighteen angels on my block
baking bagels strangled bop
how they go they just can't stop
pogo stickin on my cock!

self-immolating monks hunker down frowning about
inner quibbles, wiggling numb toes while taking blows against sleep
smack awake enlightened right with the world, now back
nowhere to shape the pearl.

exploding out into the void
white hot gas galaxies blasted
back through space-time delayed rhyme
wait for the date and hour, five
four three two one, now! Full power!
Sweetly sour taste in my mouth from the move -the view's
distorted, chaos no order, mission aborted resort to charades,
delay delay, replay our last lives' lost loves as we live on and on and on
buried in this metal casket ringed round a
damned asteriod, big metal Mary, Well I'm not going slowly
like a flopping fish, hit the button, up in the dash
eject. Flash! Bamm

Mother Mary, come in come in. We got your signal,
we know where you've been. Thomas is on it. Honest. Mother Mary,
do you read? Jesus Christ we've lost them! To hell with it.

The lord's here! No, it's just the name of the ship you idiot!
One of three -destiny's deserted us in this desert air's thin
check the lever. Radio down

What do you really mean? I dig your undertones
They hit me one two three, they shake me
ecstacy, crazy dainty daisy you are my flower
all of one, two, three, four more hours
the knife slides, scabbard sheath sheik


bow, bow down before but who watches us now?
court's adjourned, king is dead or nowhere to be found
Everyone grab your crown or better yet, serf the dirt


one, two, three, five!
Fibonacci's givin' bocci balls
away, where? out on the beach
out on the Bouuulevaard
look look look, what?
hear him call
Tisioni you owe me a game
Mafia offers ya the deal
to do old Tony in
Ya pal, ya freedom, so ya bleed him
and go to the beach where each
grain's making two more growing it grows
ocean's overflowed with sand can't stand
I'm swallowed my hollow body flows
in lights out
Godel's ghostly cries crowd my mind

Moving pictures hypnotize my eyes
glitter tickles the little lies my mind tries on me
free fall pixel tetris blend beatrice and beast's guest
civil unrest, blind disobedience, then you lead us

You really think about it? Aren't you stealing another's words?
Have you ever read the Bible or Pinker? Oh you're a thinker all right
Bright boy. Nation of bright boys. Old Andy's in his deathbed, sweaty head in
his hands, a big man. The champ, once. Waves rise
and fall like walls, but why?

Spotted pumas love grooves ya hips, ya got sass,
ya haunches raunchy
get off ya donkey now shake that ass!

Discern the world pentagonal sensory channel filter
the blur. I heard when babies are born they see it all as one.
When a baby is born we are born again
We are born again. Their cries are cries of life
Their cries are cries of freedom. Cries of life.
Cries of freedom. Rejoice, hallellujah, a child is born.
A child is alive, we live on.

If we could see what we've been through
a history of our lives tattooed to our backs
like a comic strip flipped to animate
the great, evil, stupid things of our lives
the bullshit times, the why's the when's
the never ending story

Everyone wants to take us out of the jungle
Big heads big brains big lanes language and humor
drunken stupor stampede. We're running back in if we ever left
full speed. When did we leave?

Why do anything? Troubled if you're reading and agreeing.
Sisyphus' fists of fury, hell bound Hellenist heaves his stone.
WHy, why, why. Fly over him,
carry it away. You don't need to push any more. It's all over sis.
stop stop stop pushing

umbrella rise, my parrot flies
dumb cell song of lienups
hell is hot, I bet
people don't need to work on tans there
hell is not, I guess
a place where you'd get any rest
and hell is swell I guess
cause I think it's where I've been all week
lucipher does his dirty laundry right next door to me
always burning his shirts
but that's good, cause they say stupid things
like 'Death to Disco' and
'Big Daddy D'
the lava river keeps starting fires in my backyard
come on! Where's the marshall? Where's the marshall
cherry trees just exploded
christ where is everybody

-tax time song

Oh hello there
Tax form one seven three
I see you baby
lookin over at me
It's that time
the ides of April
I'm gonna penetrate you with
a big fat metal staple
OH yea
You like that? tax time, I'll audit you
if you don't sign that line
OH yea
tax time

Evaporate glass doesn't break
split atom inside the dead
crumble decay, push the button display

perched on a hotel balcony
the crowd below, hoping for a show
screaming don't, or do it
screw it, you blew it, now doooit

It's a bright town. The citizens walk around
lamp shades on their heads, too bright to look upon.
Keep the lampshade on your head

empty head dried grape im 21 for fuck's sake
Ive just begun but my mind aches like I'm ancient
my pyramid's vacant
please take me away somewhere safe and quiet I
promise Ill never say a word

triage tree frogs with broken legs. pedo and baby Ted
twisted scenes shrapnel slits lungs, gills tongues touch
the fan in the hotel room - so depressing- so neat and clean,
how many has this room seen before me? So depressing how many
stories there are, so far back, so far down. So far.

I'm out. Sideways. Gulf stream floating me back east.
I'm down. Upside: got some green at least.
doubt I'll pickup but my luck's all I need

Hide in your mind. Push it out your spine
Defy your kind. Push it down now.
Refry your mind in the microwave
Tear me up in therapy, fuck that shit

"the world cannot be born" - quote from Salinger right?
the warts on my feet
doors and seats
forlorn screams pour
the world cannot be born

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the answer is not empty
muse not divine
my ruse disguised
something new, new - these tools are old
balance and counter ounces for hours
new music for new brains - new molds stretched
taut over the reptile - stretched tight like a sail
as we sail far, far away, on the bones of ancestors
full of songs, full of words, full of song
so far we'll sail, and others sail further, so far
to new places, and old places with new faces
races to change - surge the surface, break free
of free - emotions - new bricks - so new still wet
with mud birth, still shifting wiggling wobbling full of earth
and fire chars bubbling up bridges. The new consumes
the new is fire the new is the language behind the language
above the language above - the code behind the open
words spoken across breakfast cereal - the new is not the
answer, charred gears, red, blue, white hot jarring,
whirring, scurrying panting ranting reaming beaming
careening being broken spokes sprockets blotches rockets roar
doors open tokens kicked between broken bits of me to you
these needs needs sewn strewn bloom blast craftily
wafting through the atmosphere - beads of the beast not
the mother - trapped in cast cacoons, happy to fast
under the moon finger pointed jointed digger's digit
pigeon shit. And yet, what can you do? Bellow as you fall
or close your eyes- imagine flight. Fun. focus, Hocus pocus
chokes us, charm the marming fire
farm, calm the storm swarming trees, soften the
hoots so roots can join and joke. Still
playing out the play, but we've left the stage=
still costumed - made up fake sucking out the
truth, sage sleuths. You can ask all you want, but the
answers won't reveal. Fall over edges leading descending ledges
seekers know. Ingrained in your psyche, burned so
deep, it resonated on every note, is your path
to wherever. Live in other times minds remain.
build a house in the jungle. Approval. Undercurrent
ripples whip aboundingly sounding out loudly on
bars or bristles - hardy missiles pause and sizzle
whittle away the gray casing embracing
ideals delivered to a T are dangerous
kindness feels its way through the muck
New worlds unfurled embrace
The meaning of your life lies in a river on a
raft. You sit a giver among friends.
Looking further bends the frame
ends the game
Don't stray too far
heed Father Daedalus' tears
always lights at the end
Around the bend in the river
the meaning of life, and you the giver.
Not satisfying, well, oh well.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

howling blare

gears grind raw like chainsaw on chainsaw
memes lost call: spiking wave falls and brain stalls
call connectors, calling collectors: forget your debtor
his cortex was jetissoned I bet it's in the
wall crawling somewhere a crater we'll explore later this Fall
studded tires fire the mud, churn blood butter
up the other slope
the bod slows slowly woefully in muck, stuck
or spinning free?
It's authentic bliss schizophrenic kiss gents live in the walls
of their own being
awarded a psych ward for life bored minds unite
few ever ate cheddar on the jackal that old cacklin' cook
Luciph's laquer goo trapped the mad hatter's boot the cat and
the red and blue queens too screaming like two peas in a soup
true:the following three are false
the hallower the head the bigger the mouse
vomitting cosmic ashes, lashes
linked blink, blink, trains crossing
rains tossing wipers like mighty striking vipers
keeping time to the tune of hyper pied pipers
whining with disuse grinding tooth on tooth
to hear truth's heir: the howling blare of
I don't care!

Monday, August 06, 2007


I'd rather be a wandering philosophy
spouting my gossamer gospel from
hostel to hostel
I'd rather ponder the laws that be
shouting crossly 'cross hell from
hassle to hassle
I'd rather rag serene old blues tracks
beaming lucid dream facts for free from
jackal to jackal, jeckel to hyde
fat sacks full double bags tied blessed mind
mirror blind steerer
of fortunes trouble binds the tides blears
the torture horticulture shears the green children
building dream vines but the freak rides out the wave
devout, depraved, saved, engraved
outside his house his tombstones
deep asleep from his room thrown
into this schisming scamper you can't
recant the brain's decanter or answer a howling blare
I'd rather not be cancer, the drab crab dancer granting foul over fair
I'd rather stop the dancing axis that lances the earth
and stand back and wait for man's rebirth.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

ancient tradition


That ancient tradition
Fat haitians in the kitchen
bitchin for some bread
that revered art
pulled apart
blow for blow
I let you go
That sacred art
the mission: subsist on tail
rail for rail all hail the jail
of fucking prophet robins harbingers
of wars boring boners boning in Rome
falling Stone rise Chrome
lying high on the Dome
skytrack tight backed sexlette swank
shut up mind let me fuck this skank
do what my dick needs chick
seeds sows rows of hoes frenzy of fucking
so lucky squish your rubber ducky
I'm a monkey. Like my father and his
before him and his so on the ancient tradition
veneered rights of passage to the ass ignites the
nostrils fossil balls jerk and jam man I gotta
get laid, so I gotta get paid, trade your dick for
tricks shit jobs in pit fog Fuck it. Happy slappy pig
bitch twitch your stick, cut that shit out, cut the
shit off-tale so old it's lame, slay the game it's a
cancer not the answer to life, the fog not the light
so why live, why give a shit? You ask too much
casket and crutch crunch your hunch that this
is it, get lit or lost pause poetically pathetically caused
and cast about shouting 'Who turned the light out?',
show yourself Know thyself? Behold thy belt sky melts
oozes out. Red in tooth and claw, to bed
to wed the roof with falls and howls to our
grandads thrusting, dandy lions crying bees behind
defile them suck their nectar free, to be free
that's what we need. But what then. What's the story
without the gory end? Without boy meets girl and
then ....? It's that bitch the itch, keeping your pitch
clean timbre in line - necessary evil weaving her
will through your stills. Sit and listen children
to our revered tradition, yes sit and listen, love's
cooked up in the kitchen sit and listen, glistening
breasts quick sharp breaths pierce the lungs of lovers
longing, heroin hits, three quick kicks for free
'but this is who we are!' you plead.

don't knock it till you rock it
and clock out a socket
don't drop out till you vomit
and spray up on it
work it, bezerk it till you short circuit
murky inks, sinking the squish
deep dish bliss sounds delish
fish diving on a rainy day
lock jawed jamming can't get away
the knock knock's slammin
my man as he drops in his grave
a slave to the slushy mushy muck
love sucks
slurpy chirpy digging deeper in a hurry
he's thirty she's perty, cheap 'n dirty

forst fire people drive me crazy lazy
the great feat phantoms pantomimed couch potato
personified stay away it apple dry
clean cut prim and proper preposition listen cool
crisp lean air tears out his trachea lucky duck
spoons friendship and trust are dust

Thursday, July 26, 2007

glass wall separates penetrate
screaming shards fall wailing
crutched munched my mind's eye
can't fly with stumps
lumps lacerated pass the grated
ruins of my youth the truth
is only what appears
vermouth holds my tears
it's clear purpose usurp
us, our wills, thrills, and fears
our car lent out and bent up
beat in and twisted, whistled
wonderwall under the hallway
they all say it's just a phase
they all say just wait, wait
smoke away the hate
gaze past the gate

lobotomy, my feet won't talk to me

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's all bust

-Tried to describe how I think, i totally have add, then trails off

my mind's like a flash pan, a trash can
slammed full of debris, massed plans pass by and hands
strand lines my ripe rind crashes cries called in the streets
stable fall fabled walls crawling
down the crease No release. Fusion free caffeine
herbal tea secreted verbally turn and see Crack!
dancing the neurotic tango man to man then slow
turn off it and go coughing up burned bread Rioting
radius piloting pontius taunting us haunting dust
rush roar, emerge serge and switch hitch
your claw juts on the verge and bursts thirsty rage
reckless don't expect this to end soon like moon's lightly,
Short hot stars that burn out break brightly
Scowl, squeel meals of brackish, in fact this is not what I intended,
but please do be offended I dented
your fender, don't pretend to her, disintegrate
quake cold cash bolt past to the front of the bus in B-town,
please meet us in Pounderville
we'll gas the grill with a match in the tank
filled to the gills quilled pines bark cars honk
lava bravo saucy chinkos, flayed fraps greying gringos
baited bats howling bowling balls, hopping lanes
Stop the game! Stop! The name's Carlos
Para los ninos, you've seen those retches, clench it
your wrenched fist, dry heave, high weaving water
sparkled blithely striving tidies glide by horrified
at this glorified fountain of youth spouting truth and stale rum
from his gums, chaos and confusion may our loss be your delusion
and grandeur's gain, fried minds churned in a melting soap pan,
flash crash garble gobble garbage can Sam

Monday, July 23, 2007

-more frees

unburden the churches the lurches the priests
unparden the garden's burp slurping beasts
helping and belching, squelching feast upon feast
treatise trapezed traversed conversation patience
latent heat demon seed at your feet ropes reap the reward
hang your hopes at the door for clients only
your science is lonely

numb hands, both branded B, clandestine
don't press my buttons lovekins
let you live I'll break you give
I'll let you in the fantasy collar bones
toes and teeth gritted grin in death meth head
shark fin, bark thinly covers whatever your lies
can't shanty town in San Fran, marshmallow heads
explode in unison, independence day, freedom bay
lead the way one two..
-some garbled freestyle

those great writers write words like you recite them
with the correct emotion in their voice as they have heard
piece of the play Tongue tilting on every word
the ball drops rolls cascades the waning rays of
transmission the black box of cognition from words
to ecstacy. Writing makes you important.
dripping tongues burble and hum dip and
dart rhythmic beating hearts. Smell the air

jump ship bump hips while you bail
lumpy tits bum lips hire two sailors
a whaler weaving through the avenue
tailing a masked blacked taxist with a tattoo
of you strapped inside bars of water
lapping up the tap in sips to get out
sinking thinking Maybe this wasn't such a
great idea save me is his late cry he then
shakes dry and pries up on the hold molded
cold clammy fingers ping the metal dreaded
death knoll, war cry leaded let fly for
my grave is dug, nothing left, close my
eyes and accept this ocean bottom death

euphoric for it - split limbs crossing
tossing forward balls of flame tipped feet
we're both fucked, give it up

given nothing you can rise above
given all nothing to prove

wake up watch yourself from afar
give up, they turn your torso where it goes
give out, bellowing echoes across the chasm

busty broad throbs your heart
that's the way it is
rusty play jogs head to cock
accept the lock? Reject the crock
These wires firing the fire
soon there will be a funeral free pyre
and cake and hoods, but how can
you step free of the skin, the loins
that join the best with two backs
Who cares if it's a cage? free meals great sex
Creole and long long legs enraged romance the stance
'Hero' is a word for the movies
Good and evil toosies

Thursday, July 19, 2007

-another freewrite

moans over the ocean
low hungry dungeons
lunging lustily for but a crust
busted out, rusted over
cut and dried
tanned hides
of a billion slaves, grey
by thirty, dirty dingy walks
to work, to school, to dream and
see what we see, screaming freedom
rings, freedom stings and stabs
breaks scabs choking croaking
bloated bags, two sacks of skin
kindle the flame within, still sin
sinning, after millenia trapped to our foot
bound to our roots boots super glued
in our survival suits, The moon
walk carnival Barnum and Baley sailing
'laughing with one hand waving free'
the other charming three women
living on these streets, these dirty streets
that we're bound to, like clowns who
can't take off their noses
can't shake off their rosy cheeks
while cashing checks laughing heads
behind the counter flounder as they hear'em
say it's the same with them in the mirror
So what if we're half beast? we be as we be
not as we believed, freedom is an idea.
So what if we're free, so what but what if..
but what then, look for the man who doesn't belong
long haired took the form of Pan, the songed flutist, he blew
this bet with Zeus, this test of mettle of wit, yet
still knitted still netted together this web of tethers realm.
So does it tend to matter whether no one's home at the helm?
Nowhere Man spins and turns burns the urns'
ashes again a den of iniquity turned upsidedown
touch around your mouth: big lipped Southies
softies dreaming lofty sights of kingdom come, of
freedom, need something to believe in I guess.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

stream of concs shit

-sort of a story. sort of crazym but I like it. freewritten

deserted except for my words
they heard them hurt them
turgid swords burned skin swindled ends swathed and scourged then
merged pens dancing on the head of a million moths
prancing and deadly red with troffs of taffies
now why are you laughing? Pyschopathy
a billion batteries clacking at me
scrappy scallions saving sadly
now waving madly they ate my apathy
a trap of sea tracks of three smacks to
the left side of your ride, a cleft thigh
oh my how absurd is the world
as sane as its seer, our brain bounces freer
clear to the collective moleculuive mind a hive
keystone ring phone beef stroganoff
dethrone, bemoan, king, throw him off!
to the dogs and hogsheads, leopards and peglegs
the dregs of the din, this calamity of cliches
which way in the maze of stray days
ambulatory sam knew the story of tory and tonic
it lifted her bonnet the gifted sonnet just
tripped on the sextet, the next bet will be bigger
I figure four or five K and a mil by may
trigger door's alive land fill's the way
diggers, moors, cries, Sam killed the dj
the freeway the only way to see straight
be afraid, jump freights, pluck grapes in Tijua (Tee-ya-way) (Tijuana)
lay down in the wind tossed grass cross-armed
say how sin, sauce, n ass cost you the farm
pray now and cringe, mossy mass tossed, tarred
jarred, hardly awake as the aztec sun bakes the yard
not far not far to fly, leap and weep into the father's eye
his tiled complection of roseblood reds and battered blue,
a solemner hue you never knew
wavering flavoring riffles of air stream inbetween your stiff
hairs in the beaded heat
geese peck at your feet. A treat of meat you gave
to the free slaves of snow. How brave.
How noble
We'll never know.

more freewrite shit

-it's bout fat people. plain and simple

throw your pills away to the turtles
blow four mills and brave twin hurdles
two girdles chasing, facing their prey
purple creations to dwindle their rations
before they are patrons of lypo. It's all
hype though, they're still hippos,
with pig noses and gnarly hearts
and necks sprinkled wth as many wrinkles
as cards in a deck. Checkmate, beefsteck
and fake meats called sweets, succulent innards
twizzlers wrapped in a skin with muffins bluffing
their hand, but nothing can overcome one
look at their buns, their brand.

-i dno

8 billion fish in a bowl bowling and strolling and
skiing free as can be because the robots have
flown away. Charles calls the bar from his stool, drools
and drawls his Southern call. No kids to catch no
lids to bash today, everyone's out for the day. Cooking his own book
with shots of sunshine topped with lemon lime
soda he's filled his quota ill in Bogota's barrio
tinted trollies go from a place to another. Bumping
bodies flow up the avenue turning cars and fleets
at bay, because it's all a big party bust out the bacardi now that the robots
have flown away

Thursday, July 12, 2007

freestyle in writing


1st one

no direction. correction, no eyes no mind. Pie behind my face fried lace lice lined thrice by thrice in my mind, resurrection. Wind up toys find'em unemployed, destroyed but yet functioning ungluing detracting but yet interacting, persistent robots with glass in their eyes hot slashes in tongues gone numb with glum. Masses of masses of passes overhead in the fields: gases bleed teal radioactive steel burning our meals lukewarm. butter from the utter of the sacred cow mother, whether does she moo, no. acrid acid simmers above her, below her, it tows her hooves, wooffs near cascading cogs lady jay frogs laying jadily jade logs that spin and turn freely in no direction, correction, no eyes no mind, no pie behind my face, fried lace...


sights unseen unheard fear the bird, 'a dirty word' light dreams at night seem meaner than in the light dreams smoke out of our eyes in guise in haze, in blinding days of grace, Mother Mary jumped off my roof with an 'ooff' her brother larry, god love'm, is a plumber, a lover, and the rest, but I jest, a test to bless you above the rest of the eels, squeeling squeels of enlightenment, not from forgoing feasts on the far East's mats, but by getting fat and fatter on fast food served with crowned hats twirled high up the girl flies yup she's by gravity, floating in the cold cavity of the universe, The lords of your teaching weeping, sweeping the floor with the lore of yesterday, listen as people pray, listen to their synpases snapping, baffling really, even with our feelies peeling back her skull. How dull, and drear, lives of fear, knives of mirrors how clear the pull of love is. Words cut the thought roughly, splitting bubblies as they boil from our royally boiling beheads buzzing lovers loving with the frenzy of the end of the world A whispered rhythm 'flummoxing' chism chime rosemary the rest. The fair is the best I can attest but Mary is less rosy and more cozy in her casket, blasted into the cold cavity outside gravity's hold.


feline free minds behind enemy lines drawn pawns caught at dawn, cauterized arteries bulging eyes light up soldiering irons fly on the spy's so gone he's a fly on the horizon hitting notes with his hips, his hopes, using morse code to broach his abode. Norse's know the holy cow, how it licks and licks and unsticks like a plunger fitting a bowl with burning green coals like emeralds for a general, a genius a germ, squirm inside your permanent mind, die in time in time, in tempo mementos are fresh, like lime alive at night when you hear a knock on the door, thrive at five then too, near, a cop on tour: "On the floor, all y'all, on the floor" in his southern drawl. A tall tale he is, a giant whale of a lie, this guy spying while we fry our minds. A tall tale. Well, go to hell.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

they look for a man that fits the front
and dress him in the clothes they give him
and he's their man and history knows him

Friday, June 15, 2007

Dripping leaves, flowering flowers, sounds of nature in the city
Sighing heaves, following followers, simple souls ah what a pity

Sunday, June 10, 2007

different species of people go by

species of the mind

collections of beliefs

reciprocated, complimented

natural boundaries drawn


lines that direct and

expand regardless

of walls, bars, or harness

lines that escape abstraction

because their representation

is just a fraction

of their reality

it's a jungle to see in our minds

the new evolution

birthing and rearing thoughts

and killing them

in place of babes

brains in a body

carrying ourselves

from one existence to


Saturday, June 09, 2007

running past the strange streets of my youth
They say momentum makes the world turn
And maybe strings make all matter
They say the lights are balls of gas
And three atoms make water

The mechanical world
Creaks and churns
And dirt collects in its gutters

But you saw a glint through cracks
shining more brilliant than a sun
It spoke to you -forgotten things:
The swaying petals,
Rain in the pond,
Footsteps in the morning,

I saw these things before me
Arched over in glory
And so tangled in this mystery
I forgot quantum physistry
And saw...
-I dunno

Dangling, actually
I floated, skied on clouds
Of numbers, ideas, images,
You burned through a connection
To animal.
A sign of humanity
The constant duel of ideals and reality
Love and lust
Not good and evil.
cloth clothes and separates
Pressurized ears cannot hear
closed nose knows no air
Dust covered tongue tastes none
Film covered eyes hypnotized
Simultaneous systems
sway together in time
Or Probabilities predict
matter and mind
And Either way it’s decided
within some certain scope
There’s just no room
for fear,
or for hope
sake seek, I eek until my sundance is done.
Clenched fist twistin til the energy gone.
Chicken scratch
to show lies.